After a successful forum with K2 in London, we decided to bring the business processes forum up North. The event took place on 13th September, at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester.

The Chair, Prof. David Sallah, Clinical Advisor and Non-Exec Director of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS, opened the talks for the day. Prof. Sallah talked us through how NHS are improving their business processes and the journey to becoming paperless.

Safe staffing and patient safety can be challenging to deliver with efficiency savings in mind. This is why the ‘Care in Focus” transformation programme was introduced. The programme has included work to reduce travel time (nurses’ time reduced by around 25%), reduce administrative burden through a complete rationalisation of clinical paperwork, transform the model of care, support patients and increase clinic productivity through improved booking processes, and developed reporting to provide teams with information they require for continuous improvement.

Through better processes, Birmingham Community Healthcare was able to release 80,000 hours of nursing time and increase patient contact time by 15%. They were also able to release £2.3 million annually, leading to better care and healthier communities.

Stuart Laws, Head of Ideas Management at Ministry of Defence, explored the astounding figure we were eager to discover – How the MOD are saving £12 Million a year – with one simple process.

By working with K2, the MOD moved their GEMS scheme online. They have been able to improve processes through innovation and staff engagement. This led to significant improvements from cutting workforce numbers down in a programme from 500 to just 27 staff, to cutting down equipment servicing times.

Robert Urquhart, Systems Development Manager at Leicester College, provided insight into processes within the Education sector. Robert discussed achieving more with less and how to still reach the top whilst working with funding challenges. He talked us through the improvement achieved with K2 towards the college’s workflow challenges and data control. Visibility and quality increased, as well as processes being sped up and audited successfully.

Challenge and change was Emma Collingridge’s message for the day. From Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Digital by Design Programme Manager, Emma gave us an insight into how councils can adopt successful processes by going digital. By digitalising or supporting processes with technology, Emma demonstrated what can be achieved, and the importance of all public agencies and partners working together to improve outcomes and support growth.

Finally, a talk from K2’s Public Sector Lead, Paul Blackwell. Paul finished the day off by discussing the change in workforces and processes, and how K2 have taken part in that change, by improving business processes.

The forum highlighted how organisations across the Public Sector can save significant sums of money with process-driven applications, driving operational efficiencies and realising a host of business benefits.

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