The next instalment of the Government Transformation Forums brought us back to the National Theatre, London, to discuss Digitising Information and Records Management within the public sector.


The Special Recognition award winners from the Paperless Awards, Richmond General Practice, opened the forum. Grant Oliver, IT Project Manager and Dr. Neil Jackson joined us to discuss Document Management and Interoperability in NHS GPs.

Richmond GPs improved efficiency by decreasing the use of fax and post. Richmond GPs received approximately 600,000 pieces of paper in the post. They removed roughly 60% of the paper in the post, removed a large % of the faxes and changed the format of the letters (discharge summaries, etc.) to free up GPs time.

But in 2015, RGPA set out a bigger dream, for interoperability between clinical systems:

  • Any patient registered with a Richmond GP will have access to the appointments held in the hub clinics
  • These will be both GP and Nurse appointments
  • Could be face to face or by telephone
  • The clinician will have access to the full medical record of that patient but only viewed by agreement with the patient
  • The Clinician can read-from and write-to the medical record
  • Referrals and prescriptions will be generated by the hub clinician as if they were in the “home” surgery
  • Prescriptions can be printed or sent to pharmacy electronically

In one year 15% of the population of Richmond were seen in Hub consultations. They were running from 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. All of the objectives have now been achieved.

Best Customer Experience award winners, Flagship Homes, presented their winning project - Digital First, Digital by Choice. Marie-Claire Delbrouque, Director of Housing and Customer Insight and Matt Brazier, Director of IT revealed their multi-channel customer experience. Experimenting with new technology has found ways to cut costs and improve their customer's experience when dealing with Flagship. Their first artificial intelligence employee 'Amelia' answers 4000 calls a day, speaks over 30 languages, and can empathise with customers. Having 'Amelia' to answer simple calls has freed up time for employees to tackle more complex issues with customers.

William Makower, Founder Trustee of National Funding Scheme, discussed the DONATE platform which won the Most Flexible Digital System of the Year award. NFS combined a triple pay system, to improve how easily accessible it is to donate. By creating a platform which allowed text, web and contactless donations, DONATE meets every charity's needs. Responses are immediate, and the process is now simpler and quicker.

The forum also included talks from DEFRA, OFWAT, and Wacom's Public Sector Specialist who presented the new digital clipboard, which converts paper notes into smart forms.

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